Monday, 20 October 2008

A Challenge for you!!

Hi there,
I have a challenge for you lovely ladies (& men)! From your own stash can you create a LO for us to see!
Here are the rules:
1) 12 x 12 single page
2) Colours are: Pink, cream & Brown OR Blue/teal, brown & cream.
3) Title to be "YOU", "ME", "US". Choose one of these titles to match your photos
4) Including 1-8 flowers, size doesn't matter
5) At least 2 (two) photos, one is to be a standard 6" x 4" the others don't matter.
6) A journaling block with HAND WRITTEN journaling. (You can do it girls!!)
7) 1 chipboard shape, owl, tree, flourish, corner flourish etc.....
8) Send me a photo of your LO or the actual LO, must reach me by Friday 31st October.
Prizes (there are 3) are to be posted soon. If you need supplies drop around and I will see what I can rustle up for you!! :-))
Happy creative scrapping ladies!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great Kath, will get working on it as soon as possible.Rosemary.

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie, I need some clarification- can one or some of the paper be patterned in those colours, or do you want them to be plain?
Not sure If I will have time but will give it a shot.
always love a challenge.
Love Heather

Kathie said...

Hi Heather!! To answer your question: There are two colour combos. the first is the pink, cream & brown & the second is the blue/teal, cream & brown. Any combo of your chosen colour scheme is okay, patterns, plains or whatever is fine, just so long as you stick to the colours that you have picked!! Hope that has helped!! And i tried so hard not to complicate it!!!!!
Love Kathie