Friday, 17 October 2008

Freebies..........more than one!!!!

Hi there,
Well I did promise some great prizes to end the week!! Peter and I both had our birthdays this week, me on Monday and Pete on Wednesday!! So to celebrate our new status of reaching 21 (again) we are giving some pretty cool prizes away to you!!
1) Basic Grey "wildflower" clear stamps!
2) Inque boutique chipboard alphas: Pale green glitter
3) Inque boutique chipboard alphas: Copper metallic sheen
4) One free $15.00 class voucher (for a scrap and social night)
5) 10 sheets of patterned paper.
6) Some ribbon, pearls and rhinestones
What do I have to do to claim these great prizes I hear you yelling at me........WELL. the first 6 will qualify for one of the prizes listed in the order that you post your answer: The question you need to answer to actually qualify for a prize is this: Who had their birthdays this week and how old did they turn?
Have fun guessing girls!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to both Peter and Kathie who turned 21(again), celebrating within a day apart!!
Hope you guys had a great day
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both Kathie and Peter, turning 21 again! You guys are so lucky, where was the 21st party? Invites in the mail? hehe!Better than my effort I turned 25 again this year too!
Have a great weekend
Love Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Kathie & Pete for both turning 21 (again) lol See you soon

Heddie said...

Hey there,
You have been pretty sneaky today, I hope I am not too late.. Many Happy returns to Kathie & Pete on your 21st ( again) .
Love Heather

Anonymous said...

21 Again!!! Happy birthday Pete and Kathie!!!
Love Hayley

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,

Happy Birthday to you and Pete, 21 again.