Monday, 1 December 2008


Hi ladies,
Two things for you to consider today........

1. Who wants the OTP project that Heddie rejected????
(poor thing was very lonely and felt left out in the cold.....)
2. A weekly challenge for you! Due in this Friday night:

A LO or a card that has white as the main colour and only 2 other colours eg. pink & green, orange & red, blue & brown, grey & black. That is the end of my ideas!!

Use your own stash and show me how creative you can be! You may send me a photo if you are not a local girl and want to compete, but if you live in Seymour, baby I want to see the real thing!!!



Lita said...

Ooh I'm never one to say no to a freebie - I'd love the chance!
And Im heading off right now to make a card for the challenge!

DebbieIC said...

I am in ... this is the first time I have viewed your blog - so am off to search my stash !!

Anonymous said...

Me Me Me Me.... I do!!!! I love OTP stuff.


Love Sarah

Anonymous said...

I will give anything a go so why not? I'm in too.

Heddie said...

Friday night doesn't leave much time Kathie but I will see what I can dream up..