Monday, 1 December 2008

Challenge Winner

Hi girls,
Sorry forgot to do this.

The winner for November's challenge is:

with friends her beautiful LO.
Thanks to all the other ladies too, we actually had 3 that were really hard to choose between.

Kathie, Hayley, Trudi & Gael


Anonymous said...

I won. I won. I won.Yahoo buckaroo. Thanks everyone. So glad you liked my LO.I hope the recipient likes it too. Have a good week everyone. Rosemary.

Heddie said...

Congrats Rosemary, it is a beautiful page and I am sure that whoever you are giving it to will love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heddie, Tyler's aid is getting this LO. She has been with him solid for the last 3 years. Tyler was page boy at the deb ball for all and Lil was the special partner for her bro in law. She hates having her photo taken but as they were dressed up and together she relented. Thank goodness.You have a great day and thank you for your always positive remarks. R.

Anonymous said...

Well done Rosemary
Kathie, can you please post the other challenge packs so that we can have a look

Kathie said...

Sorry sugar plum, most of the other packs have already returned to their owners!! I just forgot to photograph this lot. Have been totally flat out so sorry!