Friday, 26 December 2008

Favourite Gifts/win a prize! the winner today!
Gifts! Pancake breakfast
Hello Ladies!!
Here is one of my favourite photos from yesterday!!! The first gift the girls chose to open, you should have seen their faces when they saw their "Ferris Wheel."
Did you lovely people all have a great Christmas day?
Tell me about a HIGHLIGHT (something happy & fun) from your day.......something special that made your family day extra worth it!
(Yes there is a prize up for grabs!!!)
One of our special memories from yesterday?
We went and had tea with some very special friends last night! We took the girls new bikes & they rode up and down the driveway learning to ride two wheelers!! We really enjoyed the night!!


Anonymous said...

A highlight was Deanna coming into my room and asking me did we have holly wrapping paper? I told her that no we didn't, why was she asking. Because there were 2 presents under the tree wrapped in holly paper but with no names on them. So I told her they must be from Santa. Tyler couldn't get over the fact that Santa had forgotten to put names on the pressies. He must have been just too busy delivering over a billion gifts to children all around the world was the way he reasoned with it. Plus, my mum didn't think she would be sharing christmas with us all this year and she was, I got 2 highlights. Lucky me.

Antonella Ryan said...

Merry Christmas Kat!!! Hope you had a blast of the day! My highlight was my princess neice! She came up to me on Christmas Morning and said Santa bought me the best present and I said what was that and he said Christmas with you! I had tears in my eyes!

Lita said...

My highlight was watching my girls playing with their cousin. There were no fights, no tears, no grumpy moments, just pure joy on their faces all day long - bliss!!

Hope you had a wonderful day!!

Heddie said...

Hello Kathie,
The highlight for me this year was watching my mum relax and enjoy the day after a really tough year. She was surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grand son. Then later Christmas day Mum opened her home and heart to a family she had not met and made them welcome at her table.
As you would say Kathie we are blessed to have her.
Ps the left over potato bake was delish!! :) xx

Anonymous said...

We had a loverly christmas day relaxing day with family and having a quite drink ,having a good catch up a really great day I hope to soon with love from kazza

Anonymous said...

hey Kathie,

I dont think Christmas can only have one great moment as with all our friends and family together you can guarentee mayhem,
The morning started with a four meter confettii cannon being blasted off to wake every one to see what santa had left.

The best was sending the other half on a treasure hunt including clues like. "Theres a hole in the boat" and "You stink go Shower" great clues to a great present.


The whole day was enjoyed with great marinated lamb and pork bbq.
And some bad karaoke on Guitar hero
The whole family enjoyed the Day.
as every family should

Adina King

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie,
The best thing that happened was watching my little girl open her presents that santa got her.

Love Elisha

janine said...

The highlight for me is realising that you dont need to spend a fortune on gifts my 20 month old DS Jason had so much more fun just playing with the Christmas wrap paper than the expensive toys he was given what a sweetie .........Janine xx

Jane Smith said...

Hi Kathie, my favorite Christmas Day memory was Uncle John dressing up as father Christmas and my DS Harry (who is usually so overwhelmed by Christmas he is either balling or belly laughing) saying, "Hello Uncle John" when Father Christmas came into the room and then my DD Kiara saying, "Mum was that really Uncle John?" ( when she is usually the suspicious child). Xj