Thursday, 25 December 2008


Hi Everyone!!
Have you lovely people had a great day so far? The girls and I have spent a quiet day together! We are waiting for Daddy to get home from work and then we are going out for a lovely tea together!! The turkey is cooked, the trifle is ready and I'm about to put the veggies on to cook to take with us!! Yummy!!
Here are my lovely little gingerbread men!! I had 4 left over so I thought I would make some for us! Mine say "love". See you all soon.


Lexie said...

Have a wonderful evening with your family
luv Lexie oxo

Kathie said...

Hi Lexie, Thanks for your comments!! We have had a good day. Girls have enjoyed their new bikes and toys and clothes etc. We have all eaten to much as usual!! Its my prayer that you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as we have and that the true reason for Christmas has touched your lives this day!! I am so glad that you enjoyed your prize pack!! Chat soon

Anonymous said...

Well, another christmas done and dusted. I survived another one, with my brand of sanity intact. We rocked up to mum in shep hospital with most of the presents, 1 can of beer, 1 bottle of Pink Jewel, peeled prawns, ham, pineapple and salad with plates, knives and forks and cups and serviettes. Gosh, a mammoth effort I can tell you. But it would not have been christmas without being with mum. I now have to make another 3 gingerbread men for my friend in Newcastle. Her grand daughter tried to eat 1 they were so pretty, so 1 for her and her mum and dad are needed for next christmas. So, glad it was here but glad it is over. Now I can relax a it with my children. Yay.

janine said...

So glad you all had a joyous day. We had a fantastic day with family too Janine xx