Friday, 19 December 2008


The winner is...................LEXIE! Please send me your details so I can post your pack off Lexie.
Hi there lovely ladies!!
Have you all had a great week? I am so glad that the children are off for holidays and the girls and I are counting down the days till we fly out to Perth to go to my mums for a few weeks!!!
Oh yes & its the last class for 2008 girls!! We are going to have fun!!
Tonight's classes will be the gift bags for your Christmas gifts
(or there are a couple of gingerbread men left). You get the bags to decorate, papers (Christmas theme) silver and gold ribbons and heaps of bling should you require it........of course you know that no bag is complete without lots and lots of BLING!!!! Not that I am addicted to the stuff or anything like that.....

NOW to the freebie: I have a lovely paper pack to give away today. Its just a mixed lot, with some nice surprises for you............ How do you claim it??
Easy: How are you spending your Christmas day??

Peter is working from 7.30am until 5.00 pm so we are just going to have our pancakes for breakfast and then just spend some time doing craft or something similar until its time to put tea on. Then we will have a fantastic Christmas lunch at tea time instead so that Daddy can join in with us!!!! I am sure the girls will wait for him to get home before they open their gifts, they insisted on waiting last year and he wasn't home until 8.30pm!!! They had fun with the stuff out of their Christmas stockings until he arrived home....... Amazing girls we have.....


DebbieIC said...

Christmas Day at home this year - the last 5 or so years we have travelled on Christmas Day. This year the in-laws are coming to us and I get to spend the day in my own home with my family. A nice hot Christmas lunch followed by an afternoon snooze. Lots of drinks and chocolates and desserts!! YUM

Lita said...

Your daughters sound lovely!!
We will be hacing a pancake picnic for breakfast adn then heading to my sisters for the big lunch. I have so many surprises up my sleeve regarding presents - cant wait to see everyones face!Mum's getting a bag of frozen peas as part of a long running joke - she will wet herself laughing!! Which sums up our christmas to a tee :D

Anonymous said...

Well, after Roger feeds mums horses their breakfast, we will be having our pancakes for breakfast 2, first year mum hasn't been here for brekky. We will then pack up our gifts and take them to Shepp hospital to visit mum, with Christmas lunch in tow as well. After wearing her out and creating a bit of chaos we will then come home and Roger will go feed the horses, the cats, the dog and the birds before he can have Christmas tea. Tired just thinking about it. Congrats on your blog award my friend. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all your followers and visitors a very merry and safe Christmas and New year. Stay well every one. Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie,
Rob, Amber & I are going to Horsham to our friends house Adina & Nicks. On christmas morning we are going to get up really early and let off a confetti canon in there bedroom and yell "MERRY CHRISTMAS". But Shhhh dont tell.

Love Elisha xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
Christmas for us will be very different to past years as my dad passed away earlier this year also my youngest son is overseas. I guess our family will be a bit overwhelmed but we will make the most of our time together. Perhaps appreciate mum just that wee bit more (although she is adored by everyone)We will have poached eggs & bacon for breakie then off to my sister for a bang up lunch, usually about 3pm. Stuff ourselves stupid as if we are facing the forty year fammon then home to mum for tea. 'tis the season to be jolly, & rolly polly'.LOL Heddie

Heddie said...

oops meant 'famine' in too much of a hurry to get to Men's shed Christmas party..

Anonymous said...

Both sets of in-laws and siblings come to our place to open presents (a process which takes hours- our lounge room is filled with presents already and santa still won't be here for 6 more sleeps). Then we have a big brekky on our deck. Hoping for some sunshine!
Luv K

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie, Can I please put my hand up to do the ginger bread men if there are any left??
See you tonight. Luv Kate. (the comment above is mine- forgot to put my full name!)

Anonymous said...

hi kathie, xmas morning will be just the 4 of us, the twins hopefuly will sleep in a bit then we'll open presents then i will start lunch my mum & dad are coming over so it will be nice & quiet love linda

Chiquita said...

Hey Kathie, We dont actually celebrate Christmas in our family but we will be away camping and hopefully waking up to some damper on the fire. Then quad biking and billy cakes and baked potatoes for lunch. After a bit of a siesta we will go for a swim and have a bbq for tea. Thats about it. Main aim is just to really relax.

Lexie said...

Hi Kathie for us this year it will be a low key afair.... Pressies with the 2 girls in the morning... brunch for the 4 of us.... pack up the car and pick up our grandson early to Frankston to have christmas tea with our son and his partner and spend a couple of days with them
Wishing you and your family a wonderful christmas and a fabulous new year
luv Lexie oxo