Saturday, 20 December 2008


Hello ladies,
How are we all today? Thank you to my wonderful team of ladies who blessed me with a very generous gift last night......Thank you very very much!
On another note, my girls are always a source of wonder to Pete & myself. Today is no exception.....The girls decided they wanted to buy each other a small gift for Christmas, so off we went and each choose a gift to wrap. They checked with me and each spent quite a bit on the other after making sure with me that the other would like their gift! This was amazing to watch and totally their own ideas!!
Love them girls!!


Lita said...

My eldest is excited to choose a gift for her sister - but little Emily's too little to pick one in return lol Though daddy always claims that Emily pointed to something in the shop lol

Gotta love em!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie
I hope you enjoy your gift, would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

I hope you enjoy your holiday and they have lot's fun with there gift's love kazza

Anonymous said...

I think you probably got the best christmas gift ever with that little gem from your girls Kath. Deanna decided that she didn't want to open her birthday gifts without her grandma so after I finish work, we are then going to see mum. Amazing. Think christmas day will be the same. Deanna has asked to buy Tyler something but it hasn't been suggested by Tyler yet. Ha. He is such a boy. Special parents have special children Kath, they are simply a reflection on yours and Peters love and parenting. Enough gushing. See you SOON. Rosemary.

Lexie said...

How sweet of your girls to buy each other presents and checking that they got the right ones.... Kids can be very thoughtful....and can come up with the most amazing ideas...maybe we adults should listen to them more often..

janine said...

Hi darl your two beautiful girls sound like angels ,such a gift in itself. Janine xx