Thursday, 15 January 2009

Greetings from WA

Hello Lovely Ladies,
We have had an exciting time, the car played up on the way down, you know that terrible
sinking feeling that you might miss the flight... Well we made it with just a little
time to spare.
The girls were wide awake,watcheing DVD's all the way. This week's question is - How many times can two little girls go to the toilet on a 4 hour flight???

Mum met us at the airport and it was lovely to see her.

It has been very hot here today, I believe you had a hot one yesterday, poor Pete out in the hot sun.

We will be heading down to the beach for a play in the sand and Fish & Chips for tea.
You will have to wait till I get home for the photo's as I am not able to download from here..
Kathie x0 x0


Tracey said...

Glad you made it there OK Kathie. Look forward to all your pics when you are home!

I think there is a novelty with kids and airplane toilets.....LOL

jacque4u2c said...

It is 6 degrees here in KY - so I am so EXTREMELY jealous! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

If you are calling 43 hot, then I guess you are right. It was a STINKER. Don't think I have ever been to the toilet on a plane, too scared I will fall through. Fish and chips on the beach brings back so many childhood memories that I am heart sore for that childhood. Such great times. Hated the sand in my chips though. LOL. Look forward to more postings Kath, give the girls a kiss from me, the last 1 on their list, ROSL. Sand, not floor. Rosemary.

Antonella Ryan said...

Ohh Kathie I hope you are enjoying yourself now!! We Miss you!!!

Take Care Sweety

Ant xoxoxo

Kylie said...

Enjoy your time away. I'm a little jealous - fish and chips on the beach sounds awsome right now!