Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Have fun ladies!

See you all in 3 weeks! We are walking out the
door as I type this!!
Love Kathie
Ps You will get some updates!!


Tracey said...

Hope you have fun Kathie. Enjoy!
Sure you will have plenty to tell us when you get back....xxx

Antonella Ryan said...

Enjoy your time away Kathie! We will miss you heaps xoxoxoxoxox

Shelley said...

Hope you and the girls have a fabulous holiday!!!! Thanks for the challenge pack. Got it today. Great products......

Anonymous said...

Well you 3, have the best holiday ever. I expect there will be lots of photo's wjhen you get bnack and lots of scrapbooking pages to come from this trip. 3 generations together again, got to love that. Love you all, will miss you all. Enjoy. See you in 3. Love from Rosemary.