Sunday, 11 January 2009


Due to the first lot of 5 challenge packs being snapped up in the two hours after they were listed, we have decided to run 2 challenges for January.

There are 5 more challenge packs up for grabs today, (these are different packs and will be judged separately). The rules are that you cannot add anything to the packs - except as many photos as you like, you can create any sized or shaped layout and use the included items in any way you wish, but you must also create a card out of the papers as well. The other catch is that for this challenge you must be able to pick the pack up from Seymour. The completed challenge packs must be returned by Friday 6th February for judging.

So, to claim one of these packs you must simply be one of the first 5 ladies to tell us about your best ever birthday!!! (You will see why when you see the theme of the challenge packs!!)

Good Luck



Jane Smith said...

Hi Kathie, would love to be involved in your challenges but live too far away...just checking in to see you things are..hope you all have fun creating with the packs...have a fab 2009 Xj.s.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say my best birthday ever so far, would be my 21st. My parents and brother were there, and even more special, my grandmother was there. It was in my 1st marital home, which I loved,and I discovered I liked red wine. Guess which 1 I still have? LOL.

Tracey said...

Too far away for me to grab one. Maybe next time. Have fun

chrisw said...

Kathy I live too far too but my best ever birthday I just had last week..I spent it with my cousin Jeff in basin view NSW..He was born the same day and in the same hospital..Only 1 year after me..We are like twins..He should be my brother not my cousin..Love him to piecesxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Hayley,
My best birthday i have to say was actually Ambers first birthday. Watching her open her presents it was great.
From Elisha

Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley,

My best birthday ever was my 21st. I got engaged, graduated from uni and turned 21 in the space of a week. As for the best most recent birthday- looking into my crystal ball I am thinking this Sunday!!!!!!!
Luv Kate

Heddie said...

Hello Hayley
Wow my best every birthday was a surprise party. I had no idea and really shocked me to think that so many of my firends were able to keep it a secret. We had a fantastic time.

Heddie said...

My 21st would have to be my best ever birthday, although I did have to go for a walk around the block with my brother ' too many cocktails. LOL We all had a wonderful time.

Heddie said...

Hi Hayley
Kara just used my blog sign in address then I hope that is ok.
Cheers Heather