Saturday, 10 January 2009

Here we go!

Okay here is the end result! I took the first messy photos at 9.00, then 9.30 and then finally at 10.00pm!! what a job this was!!


Lita said...

Well done!! Still waiting for you to come fix my scrap space lol

Shelley said...

Job well done Kathie!!!! I'm feeling inspired..... But if I start cleaning it up I cannot scrap.... Dilemma.....
At least it's done before you go away. Have a great time.

Have the challenge packs been sent yet?

Anonymous said...

hello kathie
Well Done, great job and now you can relax , enjoy your holiday knowing that you accomplished a great thing and i hope you enjoy your hoilday from kazza

Anonymous said...

Never let it be said that the seemingly impossible can not be ahieved once a woman puts her mind to it.That is girl power for you. Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

janine said...

Oh Kathie you have done a wonderful job now pop over for a coffee and come and help me my scrap room so needs a makeover ROFL

PS now your ready to scrap your little heart out

Maria said...

LOL what a mission!! Looks great now though, good onya! :D

Tanya said...

well done - fantastic job Kathie!! At least you can see table now LOL ;) xx