Monday, 26 January 2009


Hi ladies,
Hope that you all enjoy your Aussie day no matter what you are doing today! I am spending time with my brother and his family and also my mum! Gillian and Angela are enjoying getting to know their cousins, that has been a highlight of the holiday for them. Am looking forward to seeing you all when I get home again!! The photo is of the girls at the zoo.


mandysea said...

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to you too Kathie!
Hope you have a wonderful time with your family today!

chrisw said...

Happy Australia day Honey!see ya tomorrow

CreativeMe68 said...

Glad that you had a lovely Australia Day with your family. Luv Shaz xoxo

Tanya said...

Happy Australia Day to you too Kathie! Love the photo of the girls checking out the HUGE rhinos! Enjoy your last few days here in Perth :)

Shelley said...

Hi Kathie,
Hope you and the girls had a fabulous holiday!!!!! It is great to catch up with loved ones.:)
Thank goodness school holidays are nearly over (and hopefully this aweful heat) and we can get back into a normal routine.
Travel safe.....

Antonella Ryan said...


I have left you a challange on my blog for you to come home to

Take Care
Ant xo