Friday, 23 January 2009

Hi from WA (thanks for the loan of your computer Ken)

Hi Lovely ladies!!
Boy am I missing you all!! I'm not always able to access the blog, but today I can so here are some pics for you to enjoy!! We have just had the best time over here! Pictured are the lovely Chris from born to create and the beautiful Tanya! Both ladies I have gotten to know from a couple of forums that I frequent. Thanks to both ladies for showing us around, taking us to a beautiful wildlife park, the zoo out for coffee, shopping, beach trips and lots of other things too!! Did I spend time with mum? Yes, but she was glad to get rid of us at times.....2 noisy girls can be a bit much sometimes!!
How funny is the weather??? You guys in Victoria are sweltering and we are nice and warm without being to hot!! Look forward to seeing you all soon


Heddie said...

Hi Kathie
How fantastic for you to spend time with your family and meeting Chris & Tanya. Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy every moment but dont forget to come home. We all miss you to.

Julie said...

Keep the weather nice and just in between over there, cos Adelaide gets the weather when you are finished with it over there, and I dont like heat either LOL
Hope you are enjoying yourself, have a great holiday! xxx

Tanya said...

Had the best time at the zoo on Friay Kathie! Love that pic of Jai eating your ice cream lol, cute!!! Hugs to you and the girls xx