Tuesday, 10 February 2009

February Challenge packs

Hi Kylie can you please email me your address so that I can send you your pack!
Hi ladies, There are 7 packs available for you.
This month we are having a special effort to raise money for the people affected by the bush fires. Normally these packs are free and they are indeed free this month. BUT what I am asking you to do is if you apply for and receive a pack is to please donate a $5 or $10 donation ABOVE what you have already given to your chosen area. I do not want the money given to me to pass on please.
To this pack you may add whatever you like BUT you must use every product pictured above. The LO is to be 12 x 12 and single page. The title is to include something to do with the word LOVE eg: adore, cherish, love, care. I am sure that you get the picture. Pack due back in on 6th March 2009


Anonymous said...

The fires are devastating. Excited to be a part of this challenge. More than happy to make a donation.
Kate XX

Anonymous said...

Kathie, I would love a challenge pack (didn't like the last one that much ..... too hard!!!)

I have been watching your blog, the fires are terrible, my husband has family over there, so we have been keeping our fingers crossed for them and for everyone else over there. Such a tragedy. I have already made a donation and have also been collecting some stuff up for the red cross (clothes etc)- not much I know but every little bit helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
Wish there was more that I could do than make a donation... I have a big pile of baby clothes nappies and toys to donate - but now they seem to have too much stuff!! Great to see that everyone is so generous. Sad that it takes such a devastating event for it to happen though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
I'm sure we would all be happy to donate money. I really hope they get the fires out soon. I would love one of the challenge packs to please.
Love Elisha

Kylie said...

Hi Kat
My family and I donated $100 this morning - would have loved to donate more but due to the scale of tis horrible tragedy where do you draw the line. My sons each packed a box full of clothes and toys yesterday to donate but after hearing that money would be more helpful we have put the boxes in the shed. If they can be donated we will do so and if not we will donate them to our local collection.
The challenge pack looks lovely this month. I would love to receive one if possible.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath, count me in for a pack and the donation. Got 4 bags of stuff to donate but more than happy to give some cash too. Rosemary.

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie
Like most people we have already donated but are only too glad to add a bit extra. I would love a pack if you have one left.
Love H

Shelley said...

HI Kathie,
Too late to get a pack I know but wanted to let you know the support you are showing for the fires is amazing. If we can all do just a little to help we can help get theses devastated families back to 'normality' as quickly as possible.
I took a car full of goods - clothes, blankets, toys and linen- to a local drop-off and spent two hours sorting stuff onto pallets to get taken to the devasted area's. The generosity of people at this difficult time is heart warming. This tragedy has toucjed everyone, except the arsonists......
Keep up the great work

Free Spirit said...


How devastating to hear about this awful tragedy. My prayers are with those families. I am am new to your blog and it is great. I love what you are doing. What is the layout pack about and how does that work ? I am in Reno Nevada USA.


I would like to learn more. Thanks.