Wednesday, 13 May 2009

oooohhhhh me oh my!!!

Oh ladies hello,
Thanks for the prayers & thoughts from all of you about my mouth!! Yes its sore but not as painful as I thought. All my lovely friends who have seen & talked to me today are teasing me as I now speak with a lisp!! Don't you girls dare laugh!!! I am hoping to be able to eat tea as I was not game to try to eat lunch!! I am hoping and praying that I wake up with no pain tomorrow as I am off to Melbourne to meet Shelley and Marelle for lunch!!! I am looking forward to it!!
Have just seen a sneaky peeky of the new Kaiser ranges coming out!!!! Oh wow is all that I can say.....yummy yummy!! Can hardly wait until its released. I just love most of their stuff anyway!!
See you soon


Alishia said...

Hope your feeling better soon

Shelley said...

Wouldn't dare laugh at you love. Hope your lisp is better by tomorrow.... Cannot guarantee I won't laugh at it!!!! Get a good nights rest and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon lovely...Have some rest, I'm sure you will feel much better then. And dont forget....Stress Less!! Seems to be the magic words right now!!!LOL!!!

Danielle said...

awww, take it easy hun, soft foods would be the best. yogurt, soup, mashed potato, scrabled egg. LOL lotsa mush!! (oh and nurofen !! )

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

U poor thing....I won't laugh....I just hope U feel better! :):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

I will laugh cos I saw you. Look out collagen kisses. Hope it is better today Kath. Its such a soft area to have anything done on. I have jusy had a sneek peek at the new Kaiser ranges too, yummo. Loire Valley and Duchess are my fav's although pina colada I know I could work with after those loud pages I did for fire survivors. I hope you have a great day today meeting some of your followers. Some body else only had 12, how many do you have now? Ha. LOL.