Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What you been up too???

Hello lovely ladies & any gentlemen out there!!
Well so far its been pretty hectic this week....gymnastics on Monday night, calisthenics tonight, both involve an hours drive to get to the venue and an hour to get back home....groans & rolls eyes!! Tonight as we are all sick to death of the famous Golden arches food....for a change we had Pizza Hut!!! Not to bad really....but is it any healthier than the rest of them??????
Well the long awaited day has arrived to get my tooth fixed tomorrow.....gee I can hardly wait.....lollipops we should start a group to get rid of them.....permanentaly....forever even!! By the way have you noticed that we are nearly at 20000 hits??? Maybe we should have a little compitition??? Have to think about that one and exactly what to do!!
Have fun out there and try to stress less!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

U sound BUSY!!!! I am on a (hmmmmmm...looks like 3 part mission....LOL) to clean my scrap room.....if U don't hear from me in a few days....send HELP! LOL :):):):):):):):):)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Good luck with your tooth-fixing venture! Never a fun thing. Keep on smiling through that crazy schedule of yours. Time goes by way too quickly and suddenly you are looking for things to do with all your free time! lol!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could have a spelling competition? you spelt competition with all i's blossom. Sick of the golden arches?! how could you? Love pizza hut though. Do you ever think you have taken on tooooooooo much Kath? Your health has not been good for how long and you are constantly tired. I worry about you as I don't think you see it. Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Pizza Hut is worse than Maccas calorie wise ... but they are all so bad which is why we all love them so much LOL!

You are always SO busy girlfriend -remember to take some time out for yourself - yeah I know easier said than done as everyone keeps telling me to do the same thing and it is always easier to say it than do it...

Glad to hear that the fairies are fixing your tooth

Both my little cherubs are full of nasty colds atm, so we have been housebound once again

Take care and hugs