Sunday, 28 June 2009

wanna win a prize???

Okay girls!!! Its just cold and damp here, the fog is gone but the clouds are low!!! Now are you all like me and have heaps of washing hanging around everywhere? Tell me your laundry day blues-now remember that this is not the place to air DIRTY laundry stories! You can be in the running to win a cool prize - papers, card stock and flowers!!! I'm sure that you will love this pack!! Now it will be boy orientated if you like or girl orientated pack if that suits better!! Looking forward to your stories!!


Lita said...

ROFL Oh do I have aundry day blues story for you!

My washing line was broken, my dryer was broken, my clothes airers were overflowing and I still had more to dry as it had been raining for a week straight! In deperation I got out some old clotheline rope and strung it up in the lounge room. It looked like a chinese laundry with string from wall to wall - I was on a mission to get it all dry! In the midst of my stringing up, hubby got up out of bed, stumbled into the loungeroom half asleep and walked straight into the line, effectively 'clotheslining' himself on the clothesline! He fell flat on his backside and just sat there blinking not knowing what had hit him! After I picked MYSELF up off the floor and stopped laughing, I helped him up, we hung up the laundry and had a good giggle. And I'm pleased to report that I got all the laundry dired that day!

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Kathie
I had my washing in the basket ready to go when I had to go back to the flat,mum when into the laundry saw the washing put it through. Later on Gordon saw the washing finshed and hung it out. This afternoon he beat me out to clothes lines, it was sorted,folded and put on the clothes horse. I put most of the 'smalls' into the drier for 20 minutes. Now I am waiting for them to fold then up... love kazza

Anonymous said...

Not much of a story .. it goes in the washing machine, stays there for way too long, gets washed again and finally into the dryer... not long enough in the dryer so it smells again and then back into the washing machine ..eventually it all gets done!! My kids are used to getting clean clothes out of the washing basket .. thats where it belongs isn't it???

Кари Сол said...

Hi, Kathie.
My history is not cheerful - My childhood was in Ukraine, there there were no washing machines. All and Always did by hands. ALL!!! Both bed-clothes and socks.
It to me was awful!!! In Israel I have a washing machine and each time when I erase - I recollect the terrible childhood, I rejoice always to that I have!!!

Anonymous said...

My darling grandma used to go without a bra regularly. This 1 particular day she was doing some washing. I was very young, so her machine was a double wringer. Guess what went through the wringer. Yup! her breast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She said she almost passed out from the pain. She may have been the first to invent the mamogram machine. Ha. She was a bit sore and bruised but never ever did that again. I miss her still.

Danielle said...

oh no the boob story!! ouch!
Well i have been to lazy to put my washing away (once it has eventually dried) and for the last 3 weeks it is just piling up on the floor in the bedroom, i've just been so lazy (its discusting!)
At the moment, my dog keeps peeing on his bed and every other bit of bedding I give him to sleep on and because the weather has been crap he's run out of stuff to sleep on- so I had to buy a new bed for him. And the rest of my clothes are on the indoor clothesline with the heater on them. Im hoping my work uniform dries before tomorrow as I'm sick of wearing a wet vest :(
Need to invest in a dryer after the wedding me thinks ;-)

Heddie said...

Well I dont think I can top the boob story but here is my tale of woe.
Our laundry is small, I keep everything in there, boxes,bags, my sewing machines, boxes of wine, all really good stuff of course. The new cat also sleeps in there along with her bowl of dried food, water and kitty litter.
The other morning I went into the laundry stepped onto the food bowl, gave myslef a bit of a start and in the process knocked the water over, I slipped on the wet floor and kicked kitty litter everywhere- including into the basket of clean washing that I had not put away. Not happy Jan!!!
:0 xx

Heddie said...

Oops what I forgot to say was the reason I went into the laundry was to get my clothes for work out of the basket.

Kathie said...

oh you gals just crack me up!!!!

Jodi said...

My laundry problems will be gone when my oldest son moves out in the next few weeks and takes his cat with him. His cat has this nasty habit of peeing on the laundry basket of clean clothes if we forget to shut the laundry room door. Seems easy enough except it is also the downstairs bathroom and the kids run in and out and forget to shut the door. Stupid cat!

lexie said...

Hi Kathie sounds like you all had a fab time Friday so disapointed that I missed Pauly and Cassie but I am coming on Friday....been foggy and yucky here too....Oh and my laundry blues saga is a never ending story
take care beautiful.....oxo

lexie said...

just reread my comment I wish I could come this Friday but I have the dentist will be there one Fri trying to organize one in July...oxo

Sharynne said...

Oh my lordy... cant top any of them, but here goes my story.
I have a hubby who is trying to save the environment so hence i don't have a tumble dryer any longer!! So i have come accustomed to hanging 4 clothes airers around the house until the washing is dry but in amongst all that I have a 2 year old that loves to think she is helping by going around after me pulling off the wet washing and folding it up. She needs to learn a lesson in life, that it needs to dry before you put it away. The saga goes on and on eveery week. I just so want Summer back!!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to get my new front loader washing maching soon after moving into my new washing machine, I could not wait to use it. So, I put on a load of washing and also put some clothes in the trough to soak. Silly me forgot that the washing water gets pumped into the trough and of course the water pumped inot the trough and then back up the hose and back into the washing machine. Not realising that this had happened, I opened the the door to the machine and water gushed out all over the floor...... lucky I have an outside laundry and there was no carpet in sight!!!