Sunday, 28 June 2009

Winter wonderland with no snow!!!

Hi ladies,
Good morning to you all on the cold foggy morning here in Seymour!! The photos show what I see from my front porch this morning. Where all that fog is now there are normally hills!! Been a bit of a slow weekend really........Friday night was a blast!! Pauly and Cassie came over from Mansfield again, you are so keen girls, its an hour & 40 mins in the car from here!!!! Our Euroa crew didn't come this week was a bit quiet without them! Hayley had fun with us as usual, Miimi joined in!
Kate popped in for a visit-still no baby news-Chris and Kimberlee enjoyed some time together with us too!! Pretty much we had a full house!! Spare a thought for Rosemary this week, her mother is unwell and its been pretty stressful for the family lately. If you are a prayer, then pray for them all please.
Well tonight we are going out to tea with friends, should be a good night......oh yes I almost forgot to say hello to James and Hannah, they popped in for the day on Friday, haven't seen them for a year so we enjoyed a visit from them!!
Take care lovely ladies.


Anonymous said...

thanks Kath, I am going to see her today. Why is it always such a good night when I am not there? How does that happen? Is the universe trying to tell me something. Will gratefully accept all prayers thank you. Driving to the nortern hospital coule be interesting today. Catch you later, Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

oops, that is supposed to be could.

Tanya said...

Yay for the dishwasher being fixed! Your photos look like it's freezing! Hope you're enjoying your weekend :D

cinner said...

Hey Kathie, how cold do yoor winters get just out of curiosity sake...To me it looks like a lovely thoughts and prayers go out to Rosemary and family. i hope all goes okay. I am glad you had your dishwasher fixed....yeah pete...mine is still asleep in bed!No dishwasher here! I think he thinks a little fairy flies in and does them here....this is not the voice of a bitter woman!!! lol Have a great rest of the weekend....hugs, cinner