Sunday, 8 November 2009

Friday nights class......been and gone but here is what you missed!!

Hi girls,
We have started the countdown to Christmas here already!! Last Friday night we did 3 LO's (the blank white paper is where the photos will go) with the option of doing another double LO as well( not pictured is the double LO!).....The cost was $35.00. Even after doing all these LO's there is plenty of stuff to do more or heaps of cards. We do have 4 packs for sale, if you would like one they come with full instructions all you need to do is email us for details. Email addy is on the side of the blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie
I am not sure how many classes I can get to but please save me one - the whole christmas pack please.
Miss you heaps
Love H

chrisw said...

Oh that pack looks just yummy Kathie,,missing you and the girls,great big hugs to all

lexie said...

Looks awesome Kath...see you this friday.....will be in contact later in the week things are a little hectic here atm....oxo