Sunday, 31 January 2010

Schools in.....are you sad or glad??? We are a bit sad actually, well not all of us are sad....Miss Angela can't wait to get to school tomorrow!!! But Miss Gillian and I are a bit sad that our holidays are at an end......we have truly had a lot of fun these holidays!!
To celebrate or pick......we are going to be giving another Trends book away!! So if you'd like to win yourself one pretty snappy little book just leave us a comment on this post-everybody is welcome to enter!!! Oh and stay tuned and keep a very close watchful eye out for the Feb Challenge packs and the Feb Sketch challenge. Both uploaded soon!!


Sarah Lou said...

Sad because we miss our sleep ins!!!!! no more 9:30 wake ups :(

Jodi said...

I hope the weather has cooled off a bit for you on your side of the world. It's freezing here in Indiana, USA. It's about 9 degrees Fahrenheit here but with the wind chill factor it feels like 0 F. I would love to win the book you are giving away!

Lean said...

Happy schooldays every one.Uhhhh i hope.Little book sounds yummie to me.
Have lost of scrapfun to,Lean.

Sue said... or no school, makes no difference to me yet (ask me in a few years). The only change I notice is in the traffic (grrrr) and at the supermarket in the afternoons!
Hope the girls have a great day!

Judith said...

We're sad too that the holidays are over. DD starts last year of primary school today and DS starts his new school in Grade 8 tomorrow and then it's back to work for me on Wednesday. Roll on Easter hols I say.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie, Im happy schools back cos now theres not all school kids around everywhere when i go shopping :-) lol
Love Elisha

Anonymous said...

yup true that elisha hehe
yup lots of new kids at skools and kindys...
i recon angela just wants to go to the library lol... im sure gillian will get home and say she loved her first day back!
love Bec

Sharynne said...

I am happy, Shae is happy Britt is happy and Savannah is Sad.... y you ask, cause now she is driving her mum up the wall and not her sisters cause they r at school all day! Oh well... i bet their first day will be great!! And well i need to add another trends book to my collection..Love those little books of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie. Hoping the girls settle well back into school routine. We are all happy here for school starting as Madeline has begun primary school!! And she is just chuffed! Loving every minute, every day. Jackson is happy she is not home to bother him during the day, and I am quite OK with her starting ... she needed it. And makes no difference to Dad! The little book sounds lovely, have never seen one, nor do I have one, but would love to win one!!!! Take care,

MandyJ x

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie and Family
Happy school day's to all , I'm not yet a mum but it would be a sad day for mum's when sending little one's to school for the first time today.
Anyway hope the girl's had a great 1st day back after holidays . love to you all from kazza26_2008

Anonymous said...

hello Kathie
back to school is a specail time to watch the roads and crossing take care everyone love heddie

Anonymous said...

Schools In. Woo Hoo. My son couldn't get out the door quick enough this morning, he was ready to go back to school two weeks ago.
A little book of inspiration or trends hmmm, don't have one of these in my collection and would love one for a bit of added mojo.
Thanks Kathie have a great week

booklady said...

Hope your little girls settle back into school quickly.I'm sure they will.
A little book of TRends sounds very useful.It would be fantastic to win.Thanks Julene Matthews

Marelize said...

I'm a little sad school's back on because I love having my teenagers at home - even though they drive me crazy some days! I hope everybody's kiddos had a good first day! :)

Sarah said...

For the first time ever, I think I was actually a bit sad the holiday's were over..... Normally I've had enough by the end of the first week - my two fight like cat and dog and it drives me INSANE!!! I think these holidays were a little easier as they are a bit older, oh and now they BOTH have a portable DVD player and are happy to watch that in their respective rooms.

On the flip side, I was also hanging for the holidays to finish so I could start my course.... Diploma of Nursing at TAFE.... On the way to fulfilling my childhood career goal... Yay me!!


Anthea said...

I think it depends on which one of us you ask. Me...I am a bit glad, and a bit sad. :)