Friday, 29 January 2010

Hi girls!!
Are we ready to rock? Its scrapping time already. Its the end of January already-can you believe that?? Okay just letting you girls know what is happening this year!!

  1. Hayley is studying and is unable to do many lessons this year, but I think that I have talked her into doing a couple for us!!
  2. Kate is going to continue to do our monthly sketch challenges, YAY!!
  3. We have joining us as part of our team for this year, Trudi, Pauly & Lexie who along with Hayley & Kate will keep you all on your (<: toes :>) to say the least!! I thought that we would use the ladies that attend here, are active on the blog and have different scrapping styles rather than doing a DT call out....
  4. We are also having a retreat this year most likely in August-it will be capped at 12 ladies. The details are yet to be worked out but stay tuned it won't be long!!
  5. I have had a complaint-well sort of, maybe more of a suggestion-Somebody has suggested to me that it would be better if we didn't have lessons, (as people find it to hard to match photos to our lessons or its not what they want to do) and just put all the stock out like a shop then you pick what you wanted to go with your photos, pay for it and just scrap yourself. I know I asked some of you about this before, but can you give us some feedback on this point? What would you girls rather do? It would mean the end of offering stuff for sale on the blog: like the kit packs that we have for sale before and after classes.We wouldn't have kits at all for sale unless we prepackaged stuff and sold it as kits with no instructions. Okay please give us your feedback here ladies......this is a social business and if its not meeting your social needs and what you want, then its not going to work!! You are all welcome to put your opinion forward, whether you attend classes here or just buy product from us!!

Thanks so much for your continued support and assistance ladies!!


Heddie said...

Hi Kathie,
I am really happy to continue with the classes as they are. Lesson packs introduce new techniques, styles and challenge our thinking when it comes to colour coordination & papers.
Of course we can always add our personal touch with extra embellishments etc.
Personally I prefer the packs - I can crop at home.

Pauly said...

I'm with Heddie...I like kits too...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie, I agree with the other girls and we should keep the kits. I learn so many more different thing about scrapping when we do the kits.
Love Elisha

Trudi said...

Lessons of course can be taught and accomodated cross a range of patterned paper products thus allowing individuals 'creative license' on what they achieve.

In my opinion though, if there is a lesson that has been specifically designed showcasing a specific technique using a specific product by the teacher then these are perhaps best suited to a kit orientation given the class format, number of participants and time restraints for the teacher for teaching the class

A suggestion would to incorporate both and maybe offer the 'free choice' of product where it is suited to the lesson format. For the lessons where there is a specific kit - put up a showcase photo and then the choice is at the discretion of the individual

I will also add that Kathie's kits are a coordinated range of product not to mention that they are always super dooper value. Also bear in mind that Kathie always charges way less than the true value of the product that is included in her kits

Kathie said...

Thanks girls....please don't be afraid to share if you have a different point of view!! We won't bite and we really want to hear what YOU have to say!!

Anonymous said...

maybe still have lessons packs BUT instead of u making it... they pic how ever many papers of their choice etc... so same stuff in each pack but different styles to meets ppls needs and wants... if that made sence

Sarah said...


There is nothing worse than having photos that you want to scrap and then spending 3 hours trying match paper to them...... add that to a hellish week at work and a Friday night scrap is no longer fun (well for me anyway).

I love the kits, as it is a no brainer - I don't have to pick and match colors to photo's, AND I get to learn new techniquies.

I figure that if you don't have a photo to go with the pack/kit, then don't do the pack.... Kathie often has spare packs and she is very flexible.... I'm sure if you wanted to come on a lesson night, but did not have photo's for the kit, Kathie would be more than happy to let you sit there and crop for the night.

I love Kathie and friends work and am always in awe at what they come up with.,.. however, I don't do every kit for various reasons - sometimes I don't have photo's or sometimes, the pack just isn't my "thing".

Better stop waffling on, but I know that if the kits go, I will REALLY lose my mojo and probably won't scrap as much as I want to.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the majority too, so much for being an individual!!!!!!!!! I like the classes and the packs as Kath keeps the price well down on what we would pay else where, so "go the classes".Rosemary.