Thursday, 28 January 2010

Well hello everybody!!
Its the last couple of days of the school holidays and today I'm taking my little girls to the movies with Nana!! Not sure what we will see!! These holidays have gone so quickly......I'm sure that I blinked and lost a few weeks of them!! Its sad to see the holidays over so fast......I love them!!
Well we also need to congratulate Heather (Heddie) she won citizen of the year from her shire on Australia Day!! Go Heather!!
Tune in tonight and I'll fill you in on the movie that we see, I'm sure that it will be good, maybe not as good as Avatar~which Pete and I saw a few weeks back~but good entertainment for the kiddies!!
So have a great day and no matter what you are doing, enjoy your families and your family time together.....all to soon they grow up and leave home.....


jacque4u2c said...

I so agree! I can't believe how much my dd has grown the last few months. She converses like an adult - where did my wee one go????

Trudi said...

The holidays have gone very quickly - have a lovely day with Nana at the movies

aussiescrapper said...

Oh I hope you enjoy the mystery movie, I would like to take my Nate to his first movie, (not sure what is out there at the moment) so will stay turned to here what you see. He was 3 yesterday and think he may enjoy seeing a movie on the big screen??? Love Melxxx

Anthea said...

Hope the movie you saw was fun. Hugs.