Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Okay girls/guys just a quick look at some of the ATC's that were done for October last year and the white on white theme too!! We still need 1 more lady/guy to join so that we have 9 girls/guys for the swap....anybody interested????

Trinity-Shayde playing peek a boo!
Had Dan & Bec stay overnight with Trinity and this morning she was playing peek a boo with Gillian and Angela before school!! Good way to waste time.......


aussiescrapper said...

Trinity is so gorgeous look into those gorgeous eyes and it transfix's you. She is gorgeous in pink by the way. Love Melxxx

Anonymous said...

hehe thankyou very much for the nice words about Trinity-Shayde.
me and Danny will join the ATC group dodad please kathie
- Bec and Danny

Heddie said...

Gosh hasn't Trinity-Shayde grown over the past month. A real cutie that's for sure.
Love H