Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Product pack prize!!

Okay......who would like to win a product pack from scraphappykat's stash??? It will contain: tape, bling, sticky dots, ribbon, a charm or 2 and some other stuff as well!! Our prizes are always great to have......so go to it girls/guys and tell me: what are we looking for 1 extra girl/guy to join in with us here on the blog???


Anonymous said...

thats a bit rude... MUM!
how about me!! one extra and FIRST BOY!!!!!!

Tany Sol said...

Me, me!!!!
I want to win :)
Thanks Kathie for the chance to win!!!!

aussiescrapper said...

Thanks I love your blog but have been following for a while so interested in who wins. Love Melxxxx

Sarah Lou said...

ohh Id love the chance!
Butt dont understand your q? is it why are you looking fro one extra or is it what are you looking fro in one extra girl/guy??

Trudi said...

Hey There Kathie - I think that you maybe still looking for ONE extra lovely person to join your ATC Swap :)

... and yes your prize packs are always awesome and anyone would be tickled to be the recipiant of one


Debbie said...

Hi Kathie
Thanks for stopping by my blog again, great to hear from you :)
Hmmmmm.... you are looking for 1 more girl/guy to join your ATC group :)

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie,
You are looking for one more ATC- but I guess if Danny is going to give it a go then we are set LOL :)
See you tomorrow avo.
Love H

Anonymous said...

Please forgive my ingnorance and I know I have been away for a while but what is an ATC? Can someone please shed some light? Taa. Looking forward to coming back, perhaps Friday week.Rosemary.

Tanya Tahir said...

you're looking for one more to join your atc swap kathie! hope you are well, we all are.....guess what I might might MAYBE be popping over to Melbourne to visit my mum in June. I think I might just come for a little drive up to Seymour hey ;)