Saturday, 8 May 2010

March/April winners

Well done Chris & Lexie! Congratulations.....
....good morning to you all!!! Here, a little late we know, are the March/April winners! Thank you to our judges!! Did you all know that I hate picking the winners on my own??? Always want to give everybody the prize :D
I laughed when I saw that Chris had scooped the pool... so come on gals get those entries rolling all have stunning work and we love seeing it each month!
We had a fantastic night with Trudi last night...her work is awesome!!! The bag was stunning and her LO so beautiful, oh and those roses were divine....sadly this was her last night here with us...due to things that need to be sorted family wise and a growing list of commitments elsewhere Trudi feels the commitment to teaching is just to much for I'm sure that you will all agree when we here say "thank you Trudi" you have truly inspired us!! I'm sure that we will see plenty of Trudi's stunning creations in a well know magazine over the next few issues...from the bottom of my heart Trudi...thank you for everything girlfriend, happy scrapping, you will soon be back on top of the world sweetheart!!


Anonymous said...

wow those layouts are beautiful... so creative! definatly winners!!!

Heddie said...

Many thanks Trudi for your wonderful inspiration, we will miss your awesome lessons.
Congrats to the winners of the challenges- they are all terrific.

Angie Bailey said...

Congratulations winners:):):) Well deserved and fantastic inspiration! Hugs Angie

Chris said...

I LOVE DOING IT!!!! and I love Friday nights

Trudi said...

Congrats to the winners - they all look fantastic.

Thanks ever so much for the lovely comments too and Chris I am so pleased that you enjoyed the class as much as you did.