Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hi all,
Okay here is the special for this week.....there are 4 packs listed below.....(more next week) if you would like any....then our special to you is this:
any two packs (double LO is one pack) for $25 including postage!! Now that is a who is in???
Kathie & the DT Kitties


lexie said...

Fabulous BARGIN......but I already got all the packs....dam!!!!!

Pauly said...

Two I dont have is black and blue with red and another job yesty so I can YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!

Katrina said...

hmm tempting ;) Might have to have a word to 'the bank' ROFL

Nikki said...

oooooo will def have a think about this hey katrina can you put in a good word for me at "the Bank" LMAO

kazza26_2008 said...

Hello Kathie would love a pack please , once I'm settled at the new house well have a house warming party great Lo's all look fanstastic I hope have great day love to you all kazza26_2008