Thursday, 21 October 2010

hello again.....

.......wasn't today such a perfect day???
I got into the garden as well as organized stuff for Peter's 6oth!! Had a massive day actually.....Angela has asthma and some things needed to be gotten rid of in the garden....soooooooooooooo today armed with a pruning saw.........I headed out to the side of the house and cut out 2 massive privet trees (should be a hedge plant but had grown to a massive size) we had been told that they aggravate asthma so they had to go before the flowers opened fully...what a job! Its done now and I got my exercise for the day (month actually) and Pete loaded the branches onto the trailer and took them away to a friends block for burning later on!! We have several more trees to get rid of, but it all takes time and the pruning saw is good, but it is limited with what it can do!!! Not only did the trees get taken down, 5 loads of washing found their way to the clothes line as well...hey couldn't let a perfect day go by without some clothes on the line!!!!
So tell us....what did you all get up to today??? Oh did I mention that Gillian is on a 3 day bike hike??? Yes her bike broke and can't be repaired :( so we also have run around finding her are bike for the final day tomorrow!! Apparently she is having a ball!! :) Rode 60 kms the first day and the same today and bout the same is scheduled for tomorrow....tough kids!!

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Athenie said...

It was Grandparents Day at school today so I was my Dad's chauffeur today, followed my the standard taxi job I do for my kids after school and then I went to a skin care party - all aloe vera based products - just gorgeous - and had a lovely time with the gymnastics mums. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend since it had such a lovely start!