Saturday, 23 October 2010


Well I have waited patiently for somebody to comment on my last post so I could give a prize.....AND finally somebody did!!! Congratulations Anthenie....You have won a surprise pack from us here and thanks for being on the blog so often and sharing with us what you have been up to!! I'm sure that you will enjoy your prize!!


Anonymous said...

that is sooooooo funny!!! congrats anthenie!! too bad talking to u on facey doesnt count lol!!

Athenie said...

Thanks heaps Kathie - very sweet of you!!

Nikki said...

congrats Athenie!! i did read the comments kath lol. comp wasn't being friendly, this is the first time since wed the comment page has loaded lol :P

Pauly said...

Congrats Ant! Hoe you have a great night tonight Kath, sorry we couldn't make it :(