Sunday, 14 November 2010

hello again.....

......well the weather hasn't improved much!! Just a note to say that our winner for commenting on "what is with this weather" are comments
1 & 9.......
and just because we can.....we are going to have another prize post right leave us a comment and let us know how your weekend went...its always nice to hear what others are up to!! We had a pretty busy weekend...Miss Gillian is in the RACV energy breakthrough this week as a rider so she did McHappy day here as they are our major sponsors....while Pete worked, Miss Angela and I bolted up to Shepparton to raid Sharynne's scrap stash....and to say hello naturally.........stopped in at Rob & Elisha's so ended up bring Amber back for a few days too.....then down to Nikki and Steve's to pick something up. Then it was back home to cook tea and get kids to was a little less hectic....Gillian and I sang in church, then home for lunch, Pete off to work, out to do the shopping and now we are late getting tea....time to take a breathe me thinks....wonder what the week will bring???? Have a good one!!


Becci Sundberg said...

Have had a rather busy weekend. Up to go to Big W to get some cheap Huggies and print off some pics fro the mini albums I'm making for christmas. Kids saw Father Christmas too.
Then hom ean mum came over. Quick clean up and a 20 min scrap then the IL's came over.
Another quick scrap then dinner etc and hooked up some new flowers.
Today I got straight into the baking. Made jelly, custard (to go with the buttercake out of the freezer as trifle), 2 choc choc chip brownie slices, sultana cupcakes, condensed milk cookie dough which turned into 100's & 1000's and choc chip one, some for the freezer, pumpkin scones and potato and cheese scones, plus the spag bol for dinner!
Got a LO done for SBT50 CC too.
going to hook up some more of those flowers and work on some swaos tonight.
So bit of a quiet one here lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie,
Thanks for taking Amber for a couple of days. Blake is on the mend now which is good but he is missing his big sister amber, he's been walking around the house all day calling her name, so cute.
Love Elisha

Nikki said...

good weekend here got lots of mowing and weeding done :-)

Jane said...

Sounds like a really busy weekend kathie. I spent much of today cleaning out the study - it had become the dumping place for all things without homes and it was getting difficult to see the actual floor. Hubbie and I sorted and ruthlessly tossed ... and it felt great!!

lexie said...

congratz Vikki and Heddie enjoy your prizes...We had a busy weekend with a house full of visitors luv having Jesse Inni and Isaac caught up with a couple of girls I haven't seen for ages went to the swap meet to take some pics did a bit of scrapping lots of running around dropping off and picking up kids Oh and all the usual houseworky things that have to be done....and this week is going to be very busy...hope you all have a good week and its productive