Sunday, 21 November 2010


Hello and happy Sunday to you all!!
The girls and I are spending the day at home.....they are really grumpy and tired so they just need a day of doing nothing....better ring if your calling in as we may all be in our jammies for the day!!
Well you know we all do some stupid things at times...right?? Just a fact of life really.....this morning I dived out of bed as the rain started to go rescue some clothes off the line.......grabbed them turned around to go back up the path and over I went....yep head first over the wooden chair that I sit the washing basket on.....oh that smarts!! Not to badly off considering....sore spot on one rib upper left and a bruised right leg.....ouch!! Need to be more careful next time.....should have heeded the little voice in my head last night that said get the clothes off the line... :)
What are you guys doing for Sunday?? Something, nothing, lots with your family? Love to hear about it......
Kathie (the somersault lady)


Becci Sundberg said...

Ouch Kathie, have had a few falls in my time too.
Today we are havig a relaxing day home.
We have spent the last two dyas out. We are very tired and the house needs a few things to make it tidy.
So I'll just be pottering around doing a few things, then hopefully get in to scrap when the boys sleep.
No usual roast here for dinner tonight. Brian works today so rissoles instead

lexie said...

Ouch!!! I feel your pain at least you fell over something not like klutz and the girls enjoy your day at home and yes I would have been in my PJ's if I didn't have the market...oxo

Athenie said...

Poor You! You should have put that somersault to good use and competed in the State Trampolining Events today - that's where we were!

Heddie said...

Oh my goodness, I hope that you are ok! you know you should always listen to the inner voice. Take care beautiful lady..