Sunday, 5 December 2010

how about today?????

.....yep black is the colour of the day know how it c/s, black ribbons, black leave a comment and tell us what your doing today!! Something exciting....I did the market today and sold some stuff.....

Now the winner of yesterdays white post is comment number 7....send us your addy and a pack with be posted to you next Thursday with all the other stuff that I'm posting out :)


Nikki said...

haha yet again i had to highlight the blog to see who was the winner of white... me yay just in time too ran out of white paper. Not much happening here today, might go see mum later deliver some stuff thats about it hahaha

Becci Sundberg said...

Great trick Nikki, background eventually loaded. and Congrats!

Randall had his baptism this morning. Home to do the usual and hook up some trims for pack for mondays release!
Going to the beach for a bit this arvo if it's still warm enough and then a BBQ tea

Anonymous said...

Congrats nikki on winning the white pack. i would love to win the black pack.

Anonymous said...

i took the kids to get the photo with santa, it didn't go so well but we got there in the end.

Jane said...

Well at this minute I'm writing a response to you Kathie! Shortly I will be sending my poor husband up into the roof to get down all the Christmas boxes ready to put the tree up tomorrow - "gosh" he says, "wasn't I putting the damn things up there only last month?". No honey .... it just seems that way!!

lexie said...

I did the market too and sold some stuff too so I guess that makes it snap!!!!!
Pick me pick me pick me hands waving maddly!!!!! oooooh I love love love black
BLACK is so me!!!!!
Congratz on the white win Nikki

Katrina said...

Congrats Nikki!!!

I Love black, It makes other colours pop so well - considering I don't work with brights much it adds a nice contrast to my albums and work :)

And it reminds me of the black thunderclouds overhead at the moment - I'm enjoying the thunderstorms here... Nowhere near as violent as the thunderstorms we had back in Tassie - I didn't realise there was a different with them!!! So much to learn and experience yet we're still in the same country - what a great place to live :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gang,

Just dropping a line to say hi to you all and aint it hot for a Saturday (Red HOT)compared to what it has been like for the past week? Can't wait for next Friday to see you all again.

Cheers for now

Chris C

Heddie said...

Hello Kathie, Glad you sold some stuff at the market.. At work at the moment - till 11pm. Hot and muggy today but not raining, finally got some washing dry, folded and put away.
Love to everyone

Anonymous said...

Had a day with Daniel & Savannah, shopping and lunch at the marketplace... Cam home cleaned up Shae's room... by gee there is actually carpet in there... forgot she had it on the floor... So damn hot... heading to bed now before work tomorrow, which is going to be crazy! Hope your weekend has been better than mine!! See you real soon! Sharynne

Jodi said...

You can never have too much black. Thank you for the chance to win!