Monday, 13 December 2010

What a day..............

How fast has this year gone??? We are less than 2 weeks to Christmas day!!! Its amazing how this year has just zipped past.....can you believe how quickly this year has flown by? Can we put the brakes on please?????
what did we do in 2010 lets have a review.....what did we achieve? Who's lives did we brighten? Did we help save a hungry child or family? Did we give something that hurt us to give? Were we generous? Did we help somebody in need? We can't answer these questions for you only you can......lets determine to help out in a neighbour that needs so assistance??? There are lots of things that can be done to alleviate suffering so that somebodies life can be changed for the better!!
On the funny side.....I haven't managed to do our personal Christmas card AGAIN this year!!! If you really know me you know that I'm always in top gear and running.....its gonna have to change...coz I can't keep up the pace anymore.....I seem to have no downtime at all at the lets see what can happen next year......yeah yeah your all saying.....
Have a happy day, lets hear from you as to what you have been doing!!!


Becci Sundberg said...

Well our year started wiht lots of tension in this house. Bryce(my then 16year old step son) was giving us lots of greif. Not listening to us, doing as he pleased, not showing any respect. yeah some of it was normal teenage stuff butthe rest was just extreme. So much so that he decided that he couldn't live with our rules anymore and moved out.
Now as horrible as this might sound I was glad to see him go. I wigh things were different but the negative effect he was having on the younger boys was not pleasant.
I ached so much seeing how much rejected and hurt his father time and time again.
We haven't seen much of him this year, but surprise surprise he is coming here christmas eve, staying over night and then coming with us to my mums for the day. Heading to his mums (who he is very close to) in the arvo hopefully.
So our family had changed and matured in so many ways.
Randall has grown up so much. Has gone for a boy with many behavioural issues to a young man who recieved a very important award at school adn getting his first job.
Ethan has grown up so much. Has turned from a toddler to a litytle boy semmingly overnight. He hardly talked at the start of the year and now you can't stop him.
Eli was just 3.5 months old at the turn of the year. Just starting to sleep thtough the night. Now he's a full on toddler, wlaking everywhere, chatting away and growing more and more each day!
Well that's our little fmaily, sorry for the novel!

lizzyc said...

thanks for sharing Becci.. it is not easy with teenagers.. i will put my hand up and say i find them difficult.. i would rather a 2 year old tantrum than a teenage trouble.. i hope you have a great christmas..
this year has gone so fast, and it has been pretty much like last year just i feel older! the best thing from this year has been me starting my scrap blog and i have made so many more scrap friends it is amazing.. what a huge scrapping world out there and i look forward to continuing making new friends and learning so much more about scrapping next year.. thanks for your friendship here too.. i really appreciate the contacts i have made.. you are my sanity at times.. (my hubby is a truckie so i find my online friends keep me company...)have a great day!

Nikki said...

Still cant believe the year is nearly over (again... because i say it every year lol)
Been an interesting one here from having little boys who knew the rules and mostly followed them to a pack of big boys who just well... dont listen hahaha its ok though i've been told its just a phase that only will last another 10-15 years :( hahaha.
But on the up side the twins are going great in school and will breeze through their 'bonus' year of prep next year, and my lil baby is now in a big bed as of a couple days ago.
heres to the new year ahead :P