Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hello, good morning........what are you all up to today???? Doing something special?? Doing not much at all?? Pete is off to work, we have visitors here until Wednesday, we are off to church this morning maybe a visit to the park after that for lunch...good old fish and chips!!

The winner as called by Pete, of the cream day is 7 so if you could send your addy to us we will post your prize out asap!!
Have a great day no matter what your up to!! :D


Becci Sundberg said...

Oooooooo I won cream too!!!!!!!!

Not doing a great deal special here today. Want to do some baking for the squids as I haven't done any for nearly a month!
Pack up the last of my orders so theya re ready to send off tomorrow.
Might even get to stick in the photos on my mini albums I'm making for chrissy presents.
Have a great day!!!

Nikki said...

nice and quiet day here... had a big night out without the kiddies last night :)

Heddie said...

Hello to you and your family.. visitors as well. We have had a quiet dayup here in the hills of Gooram. Usual washing, etc.etc getting ready for work on Monday.. Hope you have had a lovely day.

lexie said...

Today is now yesterday...did the market and paid for the privilege!!!
Sorry that the dinner was ordinary but I know the company would have been fantastic...Have a wonderful week and I will see you Friday...oxo