Saturday, 29 January 2011


.................any of you want a prize???? :)  Do we really need to ask???  So to be in the running for something nice......leave a comment telling us how you are doing today....we are celebrating great things in our lives here today......gotta love matter how rough things get.....there is always an upside even during your blackest day......take care


Marelle said...

Hi girls
I am celebrating living - and something funny happened last night in our local supermarket
Now for those who don't know me I am 55 this August and have 2 daughters 9 and 10. I was at the frozen food section with my daughters when a young (around 35) man started chatting me up!!
He asked was I married and told me he was divorced with a daughter around Ellas age...and perhaps we could have dinner - well I talk to everyone (and never give a thought that someone would be chatting me up lol) I had a quiet chuckle to myself... back in the car Ella said - you are not going out to dinner with that man and dropping daddy are you mummy???
Ella promptly told my dh when he got home the man in the supermarket wants to take mummy to dinner!!!
So I am celebrating laughter and life todayxxx

lexie said...

We started the day with a birthday breakfast for Miss Anna's 13th with 4 of her friends that stayed the night had a visit from Granny and Pa (my mum and dad)Miss Anna had flowers delivered which she thought was pretty special Chris and I have both had Nana naps think the Birthday Miss is having one now staying up to 3.30am and being woken at 8.45am makes for a very tired girl even with all the excitement of turning 13 I'm about to go down into the garage (half of it is now my creating space) to do a bit of fiddling about and hopefully some creating....yep life's pretty darn good at the moment.....enjoy your weekend Beautiful...oxo

Alanna said...

I started off my day with no sleep as my 14 year old sister had a huge sleepover last night with a lot of noisy teenage girls :(

Work this morning and it was so hot and sticky at work, then I went outside to find it was no better.

Now I'm at home doing a bit of this and that - not much scrapping happening unfortunately but I do need to do a bit of a clean up before I get stuck into some challenges this weekend :)

Melissa Hortin said...

Great day, riding out a storm as I write. Have the torches and candles ready just in case the power goes out. Great to have the rain, just praying that Cyclone Bianca bypasses us tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Hugs, Mel xxx

Nikki said...

just cleaning for tomorrow and baking a cake!!! not much else :)

Anonymous said...

my day started with our beautiful tree being cut down :(,cleaned up after the boys left. then i relaxed & got challenge done now just have to post it
luv linda

lizzyc said...

today was our belated Christmas get to gether for my hubbys side of the family..some of the family were overseas for Christmas, then it was too wet.. so today we had a gathering of those who could make it.. and it was good to touch base and just share a meal and chat and just be thankful we are all ok after such devastation with the floods.. so i am thankful for family..they are always the most precious gifts in life..xx

Becci Sundberg said...

Happy Birthday Miss Anna!
Well today we are celebrating being fortunate enough to live in such a wonderful piece of Australia.
We have just come back for a glorious swim at the beach. Then headed to another beach that has a nice playground and BBQ area and had a sasuage sizzle for dinner.
We were talking about how lucky we were to live here and how wonderful it is while we ate dinner.

Kristal said...

Been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning LOL.. Was nice today the kids sat still for a whole hour at my scrap desk just drawing picture togther was soo sweet :D

Jane said...

Been busy helping son get ready for school tomorrow - sorting folders, putting name on equipment, ironing shirts and labelling books. Can't believe my baby starts high school in the morning - not sure who's the most worried about it - him or me!!