Sunday, 30 January 2011

Happy sunny melty Sunday to you all!!

Oh my GOSH how hot is it today????  we are melting here in Seymour and its only just gone 12.00.....have just turned the air conditioner on thinking it will stay that way (ON) all day!!!  How are your entries going girls???  Getting them done....we already have a couple up and more to come....have a great day...don't forget to leave a comment on the post below for your chance to win something nice.....


Becci Sundberg said...

Rather warm here too. Currently 38.4C.
Spending the day hooking up an order and scrapping the last couple of layouts for the month.
Was hot here yesterday so the a/c went on early then and hasn't been off since.
Stay cool everyone!

Alanna said...

Very hot here today... yucky sticky weather. Been at work all morning but sitting at home in the relatively cool air conditioned house at the moment.

I haven't started my entry yet but since my car is booked in for a service tomorrow I will have no where to go, so I will be doing it then :)

lexie said...

Hot here too but I'm not complaining as it isn't humid....Had a pretty darn good day at the market considering there was nobody much come through after 11.30 12ish...sold a punch for you....if I get inspired tonight I should get the challenge finished...stay cool...oxo

SkrapPrincess said...

Hope it's cooled down for you by now, have a happy week. :]

Marelle said...

currently 40 degrees at 10pm here
no air con in my house fan is only blowing warm air
tomorrow is expected to be 40 again
I think i will sit and chillax and try and scrap Mr Mojo please find me quickly!

Jane said...

Hot and humid again here in NSW. It's YUK!! Half way through my layout Kathie - you'll have it tomorrow. Love what is up at the moment - some great work ladies.

Becci Sundberg said...

Oh dear Marelle that's horrible.
We had another lovely night at the beach!