Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Step by Step LO #3

you will need
2 pieces P/P
one that has some sort of floralish design suitable for cutting out
and one plainish piece of P/P
2 saucepan lids one a bit smaller than the other
you can use plates or bowls as long as one is a bit smaller than th other
some flowers
to make the flower that Kathie did a Tutorial on this week
foam tape or dots
a good pair of cutting scissors
alphas for Title

#step 1
on the back side of the plainer P/P
trace around the biggest saucepan lid

then place the smaller saucepan lid in the centre of the circle you have already traced
and trace around it

#step 2
cut your circle out
ink edges

#step 3
cut a piece of your floralish P/P 8 and a half cm x 26cm
tear along one long edge and one short edge
ink edges

#step 4
place the 2 pieces of P/P on your cardstock to look like this
stick down

stick your photo down

#step 5
Make a flower
you can find the tutorial
cut out some flowers from your floralish P/P
then arrange on your LO
to look something like this or an arrangement you are happy with

#step 6
when you are happy with how you have it arranged
stick down using the foam tape on some of the flowers

add your title and some journaling if you wish
All done

If you are doing a girly LO you can use Kindy Glitz
to highlight the flowers to add a bit of sparkle
Because I did a Male LO I didn't add any bling and glitz


Billie said...

Love it Lexie!!! You're up early, I hope you remembered to change you clock :-)

lexie said...

Remembered to change the clock...normal for a Sunday as I have to be organised to get to the market between 7.30 and 8am

Becci Sundberg said...

Lovely Lexie.

Kathie said...

Great LO Lexie!!! Love the cutting know me...the more cutting out the better!! :) :) :) :) Well off to finish getting the grandies ready for church and hurry Angela along to!!!
Happy Sunday girls

Heddie said...

Love the step by step instructions Lexie so easy to follow. Many thanks.

Jane said...

Sweet layout Lexie - I really love the photo you have used.