Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to make a Pleated Flower

 # Step 1
Cut a piece of paper 3cm x 30cm

 # Step 2
Fold up a half a centimetre
turn your paper over
 and fold up half a centimetre 
repeat this step until you have folded all the paper

 your strip of paper will look like this

 # Step 3
Glue the ends together to create a circle
wait for the glue to dry

 # Step 4
Gently push the paper down so that it looks like this

 # Step 5
Use a sticky dot to stick the centre together
 (here we have a pack of sticky dots for you lovely girls)
 turn your flower over and place another sticky dot in the centre of your flower
(I have used pop dots for demonstration purposes only)
You really do need to use sticky dots to hold the centre of your flower together 

# Step 5
Add a button bling or what ever you like for the centre of the flower
The finished flower measures approx 6 and a half cm in diameter
you can make the flowers smaller or larger depending on how wide your 30cm strip is


Kathie said...

will be trying this today Lexie!!!! thanks

Kathie said...

hey Lexie can you add a photo of a pack of sticky dots so the girls know what they are???? Only if you have the time

Sharynne said...

Thanks for the heads up Lexie on the Sticky Dots.. now i know why mine won't work!

lexie said...

would if I could find the safe place I have put the sticky dots??? if you could add a pic it might be a lot quicker

Kathie said...

will do honey!!

lizzyc said...

oh wow.. you make it look easy.. i saw some of these in spotlight today and they were quite expensive.. good incentive to make my own... will have to have a go.. thanks for the tute!!

lexie said...

so many of the embellishments are so expensive Lizzy that's why I seek out how to make them and once you figure it out it is usually quite easy and lots of them can be made out of scraps..I like to get the best value that I can out of my product

Nikki said...

love these flowers... they r sooo easy to make :)