Thursday, 5 May 2011

a New Team a Kaiser

 Well my name isn't on the list....and that's okay....Congratulations to all the ladies who made the first list....excited to see who our new team is going to be!!! )

Kaisercraft – 2011-2012 Design Team 25 Finalists

This is the ULTIMATE moment you have all be waiting for!
We have had an amazing time going through all your amazing submissions for our 2011-2012 Design Team, and now it’s time to announce our 25 Finalists!
Lesley Cooper – New Zealand
Michelle Frisby – New Zealand
Kerry Snell – VIC, Australia
Pearl Lui – NY, USA
Ann-Katrin Toresen – Norway
Janna Werner – Germany
Svetlana Austin – South Africa
Michelle Bertuzzi – Alberta, Canada
Lori Leng – NC, USA
Robyn Schaub – TX, USA
Kirsty Piper – QLD, Australia
Maja Stokk Lindahl – Sweden
Genevieve Allen – Quebec, Canada
Nicole Morgan – Tasmania, Australia
Debbie Marcinkiewicz – NC, USA
Vicki Morris – New Zealand
Lowri McNabb – New Zealand
Karen Shady – VIC, Australia
Jennifer Chapin – IA, USA
Cassandra Bright – VIC, Australia
Jodi Dolbel – NSW, Australia
Hilde Janbroers – Netherlands
Belinda Boyce – WA, Australia
Toni Crane – WA, Australia
Leanne Love – QLD, Australia
We want to express the most heartful of ‘thank-you’s’ to each and every one of you who applied for our Design Team this year. We know it required a little more hard work than our previous call outs, and we wanted to let you know that we appreciate all the hard work you put into your applications!
We were amazed at the talent out there and the beautiful submissions we saw, it made it extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 25 finalists. We hope to continue to ‘provide inspiring craft ideas’ to you using our monthly collections to create gorgeous layouts, projects and beyond-the-page projects in the future! We are so so lucky to have you all behind us, chatting away on our forums, sharing your work in our galleries, joining in all the fun on facebooks and linking up on twitter.
Thank you all.
A note to our 25 finalists: We will be contacting you all by email with the final round details. The final 25 will be required to email Kaisercraft two projects – 1 layout, and 1 Beyond-the-Page using products we will send you. Your projects must be emailed back to Kaisercraft by the 31st May.
We will announce the final 12 Contributing Design Team and 3 Community Team members on June 10th right here on the blog!
Congratulations to our 25 finalists! We can’t wait to see your projects and we wish you all the very best of luck in the final round!!
Thank you all for your amazing projects, layouts and inspiration!


Sharynne said...

Am sorry to see your name isn't on that list. But hey maybe we can do it together next time!! JUST MAYBE! Talk soon... have a good day!

lexie said...

Your entry was absolutely stunning Kathie sorry that you didn't make it through...oxo

Kathie said...

Thats what happens when your camera has a meltdown and you can't photograph it properly :(

Alanna said...

You should be proud of your submissions even though you didn't make the cut. I'd be interested to know how many people applied!

Heddie said...

Well done anyway Kathie - your submissions were creative artistic expressions of how to use their products. xxxx Guess you were 26th eh! :) xxxx

Kathie said...

thanks heaps girls!!!

Nikki said...

i guess they miss out on seeing what else you can do kath.

Kathie said...

Thanks Nikki!! My bad, just couldn't get the camera up and running properly :( guess it happens......