Thursday, 18 August 2011

As promised!!!

Here are the photos of the baby album and the girls new 16' trampoline....thanks to my hubby spending MY money....guess that makes a change from me spending his hey!!

Just a few....have more....sorry bout the photo quality....but you get the general idea!!


lexie said...

Me thinks Miss Gilly may have got a big surprise....looks like they love the trampoline....the baby album looks so sweet whoever gets it will love it I'm sure...oxo

Lizzyc said...

oh the baby album is sooo sweet.. and the kids will love the trampoline.. a great way to get rid of excess energy!!

Shazza said...

Love the baby album pages :)
The trampoline will get lots of use :)

leeanne said...

i love the pages

linda said...

can't beat the look on Gilly's face love the baby pages

Shazza said...

Hey Kat!

Are you putting up another Friday night challenge sketch...I'm really enjoying them atm