Thursday, 18 August 2011


who's doing what today?????  Went to my usual ladies group this morning, had a lovely lunch in Avenel with Yvonne and her mum Margaret and Micah the pirate, that was nice, then had a hair cut.....looks great.....thanks to my dear friend at home watching Pete put up the new trampoline for the girls.....its pretty massive!!!  Pictures later....can't wait to see their faces when they see it.....they don't know its coming; actually they didn't even know we were getting them one!!!!
Now we have an unclaimed lets re-list it now......
if you would like a nice little product pack, leave us a comment about your day today!!!


Alanna said...

I've just got home from a morning at uni finishing off my FINAL ASSIGNMENT for this degree. Not completely finished yet, just gotta read through it and chuck together a conclusion. And then I get a relaxing weekend (NOT) finishing off job applications etc etc before I start placement on Monday!!

Hope you didn't want to hear I was doing scrapping... Not sure when I'll get around to the scrapping thing again. I'm off to clean my scrap room now though because that keeps me sane and makes it easier to do a quick create when I have 5 minutes here or there.

Shazza said...

Hi Kat!
I had a busy day at the 'Garden Care' section at Bunnings.
Must say the day went rather quick...
I'm hoping to do some scrapping after dinner tonight.

Rosanne said...

Hi everyone,
Been up since 8am, went to work had lunch with an old work collegue, finished work at 4.15 now home with a load off washing on, need to cook tea, ear candle my husbands ears, dry the towels at the laundry mat (sure beats them sitting around the house, 1/2hr in the dryer & done)while they are drying I'll go to the supermarket & get some groceries. Come home set up spare room (got visitors tomorrow night) then Vac & mop the floors before going to bed. Um let me see what time will that be??????

Maree said...

It was damm chilly and wet for me today, We took the yr 9's to Sovergein Hill. gee the 12 kids i was in charge of were great, i think it may have had something to do with the chuppa chupps i took for bribery purposes..

Heddie said...

Started pretty ordinary- had words with a staff member, they needed to tidy up there work space. Got the office sorted and then was able to get a whole heap of archiving done. Kara has come home with her new puppy and dinner is ready to go. Finished a wedding album that has taken forever. Not sure what I will start scrapping now - maybe time for the sketch challenge :) xx

Vicki said...

Well you know what i have been up to... waiting...waiting....waiting....
waiting...waiting....waiting.... and more waiting!! Come on bubs!! :)

linda said...

Hi Kathie,My day started very slow y'day,finally had shower got dressed,went & payed some bills,got some food,(kids & hubby always saying there is nothing to eat in this house),got my ATC's done & posted,tea organized & once again put my feet up

leeanne said...

how is everyone
i have a busy couple of days trying to catch up on me homework and trying to do some scrap booking.
i brought some new things yesterday for me to try and do new things with my pages.

Sharon said...

Hi Kathie,

today after getting everyone off to work and school, I defrosted our freezer, had a cup of tea and some cake with my neighbour, bought my girlfriend a gift certificate for a massage and now I'm trying to finish the flowers for the SBT50 August embellishments before taking my daughter over to our friends so they can practice their duet for a concert on Sunday afternoon. Not sure what I will be doing tonight. xxxxx