Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Anonymous said...

No boxes for me thanks, I shall do a 12 x 12 of some sort. Off to Epping with my mother today she has to see the Rhumatologist and Dermatologist, what fun! So no offer of any freebies today ok? I will be absent on Friday the 14th November but please put aside a cristmas pack for me. Think that is it. Have a great day everyone. My hayfever should settle down a bit being out of Seymour, I'm allergic to Seymour!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha. Hey heddie, hows this for a thingy to type in, viticsgr? Rosemary.

Heddie said...

Hello Rosemary
Bet your half way there by now, welcome to my world..... LOL not sure if I will get there of Friday but will give it my best.
Drive carefully